My name is Rags. I got the name Rags, because I was a crazy hungry kitten when I was bottle fed and I was a mess after my bottle. See my crazy hair photo. I came from a litter of four that were found abandoned and picked up by animal control. We were only ten days old and needed bottle feeding. The litter was not well and only three of the four kittens in my litter survived. We were sick and three of us made it through after need emergency medical care and subcutaneous fluids for days. They stuck needles in us and filled us up with warm water. Eventually, we became healthy active kittens. I was one of the sicker kittens and needed lots of care. Here is what my foster parents say about me – “Rags bonds extremely well to people. He is now completely healthy and a very active sweet natured kitten. He is a rough and tumble guy, for short spurts. He has two bigger brothers twice his size that he likes to wrestle. Weighing less than pound at six weeks, this miniature guy is funny and joy to watch! We are looking for a home for Rags, because we do not want him to endure the stress of going back to the shelter once he makes weight for surgery and adoption. Our wish is for him to find a home by Christmas.”

Well, I got adopted!  My foster mom posted me on Facebook and I became a Christmas present to my foster Dad’s sister!!

Look at me now! I am certainly no little runt!  I am a genuine pure-blooded Maine Coon weighing sixteen pounds. My name is Maui now and I love my family.  I follow them everywhere.  My favorite time is watching bath time. What a treat. My two human brothers and one sister splash and giggle and they sure love my visits. Maine Coons love water!

Anyway, it was me who inspired my foster mom to start a kitten rescue.  I know I will always be a treasure and my foster mom got to see me grow up.  She is so proud of me and I am proud of her. She has a rock in her garden that says “All lives matter, no matter how small 2017” in memory of my sister.

Love, Maui a.k.a. Rags

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