Our Intake Policy

Small Lives Matter’s mission is to rescue orphaned kittens from dire situations. We focus on these small lives because they are one of the most at-risk population and sadly death is eminent in some of our local county shelters. Most of our kittens come from these shelters.

Although we wish we could help every cat in need, we unfortunately cannot take adult cats from the general public unless we have a willing foster.

If you are seeking a home for an adult cat, we can help you in three ways:

If you found a cat or orphaned litter of kittens, become a foster and we will help you get the resources you need to provide medical care, surgery and adoption resources. Complete a foster application for this request.

If you cannot foster and have a special circumstance and are willing to make a donation to cover our costs for medical care. We can help save lives at our rescue, we can provide you a solution, foster care and adoption. Call us for this special circumstance request.

If you see a litter of suspected orphaned kittens, please watch for the mother to return. Kittens need to be with their mothers for at least the first four weeks of life and staying with their mother is the best chance for their survival. We have resources to help you trap, neuter and spay (TNR) mother cat and find homes for the babies. Call us for TNR contacts.

Whether or not we can take cat or kittens, Small Lives Matter will provide help. See our Resources page for additional information.